Cairngorn framework and USpace

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Hi, everyone, it’s me again. I have used Cairngorn framework in maintainance USpace’s core. This framework exposed itself in high maintainance ability, good clean code and code management. It also exposed itself in implementing design pattern to integrate and solve the problem in rich internet application development in enterprise domain.

For example of design pattern that has implemented in cairngorm:

Model-View-Controller: Actually, this pattern still workable in every web application.
Command pattern: Encapsulate sequence of business logic for a specific task.
Singleton pattern: Centerred resource into one location along the applicaiton’s scope.

There are more design pattern have applied into this framework. I guess you must have a skill in field of design pattern to use these framework to gain most benefit.

PS> For tiny project, Cairngorn framework will not raise any benefit as much as expect


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