Let’s it heat with Adobe Thermo!

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Finally, Adobe has revealed some of screenshot of “Thermo”, the RIA tool which will make designer and developer more happy! Mr.Ted has posted some of those screenshot on his web. But I have put it here! so, enjoy. 

PS. I don’t sure Adobe is using thier Flex framework with thier next product (included with CS4). But it looks like very much.

In Thai:
ในที่สุด Adobe ก็ปล่อย screenshot ของ “Thermo” โค้ดเนมเครื่องมือ RIA ตัวล่าสุดจาก Adobe ที่จะทำให้ทั้งคนออกแบบ และ โปรแกรมเมอร์แฮปปี้ไปตามๆ กัน คุณ Ted ได้แปะภาพบางส่วนไว้ใน Blog ของเขาครับ ผมก็ขอเอามาลงไว้ในที่นี้

ปล. ไม่รู้ผมคิดไปเองหรือเปล่านะ แต่รู้สึกเหมือน Adobe จะใช้ Flex framework ในพัฒนา Application รุ่นต่อไปหรือเปล่า หน้าตามันละม้ายคล้ายกันมากเลยครับ

If you want to see in high-resolution, just click on the image 🙂
ถ้าต้องการเห็นภาพเต็มๆ คลิกที่ภาพเบาๆ หนึ่งทีครับผม


REMIX08 and Microsoft’s Next battlefield

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Hi, I have joined REMIX’08 in Thailand in last thursday. It’s incredible that this company begin to focus on this country more seriously. There are many peoples and experts there. The most interesting session is “User Experience thinking and design” by Mr.Shane Morris, the user experience evangelist. He has evoked my inspiration about visual design again. There are many thing to be done except just build the UI, some image and done. I love his session very much.

But the main topic of this event is Microsoft Expression Studio, the latest tools from Microsoft which allow designer, who doesn’t know anything on development, enjoy his work and collarborate with developer without any complicated. If you want to imagine about this IDE, you can compare them with Adobe Creative Suite!


From the image, Blend (Flash CS3), Design (Firework CS3), Encoder and Media (Sound booth, Premiere)

That is, from this point, every .NET developer can get more design on thier production, more passion, and more impress. Even though these tool look very cool (sure, after CS3 for a year) but It needs to prove itself via developer and production. We have news partner, Adobe Developer!


My Expression Studio 2 (free for all audience)