Cheer! Barcamp 2008!

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After 2 days of Barcamp has completed. I think this event will has a long live in Thailand. Many developers were here, many ideas, many driven activities that boost and driving Thailand’s developer community more fast forward.

For me, This Barcamp, in 2008, seems focusing on Conceptual and principle, many talks about Agile, process, and how to make the existing better, I have summarized some topic here :).

Score Rocket Topic: How to make a date with Japanese girl by real Japanese girl (What a pity, I didn’t join this session).

Most interesting Topic:

  • Mozilla sessions by Mr.Gen (a friendly big guy from Mozilla, Japan).
  • “We are not alone!”, by Mr.John Berns.
  • How to fail with Agile, by Mr….. from Reuters. (His boss has listen for this session too)
  • ASP.NET and Django, by Mr. Kirit  ( I know, finally, these 2 opponents  can work together)

Most talking about Tool: Twitter (with Mr.Sugree, the forever twitter star of Barcamp):)

Most Creative idea: Web 2.0 differentiate ..something..

What did we get from Barcamp: We are not alone.

Most Successful: Barcamp 2008

Most popular Buzzword: Agile, Google (Someone thinks if we put these word in a topic, it will become a score rocket. ** not included about Japanese girl’s topic.)

Another Note:

  • My session: “Let’s discuss about Flex” has 7 votes (Thank you for everyone who vote for this session, I think I should named more exciting, such as “Flex, Google”, Hahaha )
  • I found a Flex developer and an AIR developer.
  • Great chair make great product (Thank you for Mr. Anthony and his “19 piece chair”, I planned to buy one).
  • “Game” is spreading in Web-platform.
  • Python rules here! I remember I didn’t see any Rails topics.
  • This event was running parallel with a Chulalonkorn’ stage in the evening.
  • This event give me a idea for my project.

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