About Me, Huraa!

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May I introduce myself? ..Thank you!! 🙂

Hi, my name is Teerasej Jiraphatchandej (Old name is Phattarin), someone know me in the name of “Greendog”. I am just graduated in field of software engineering, International programme, Kasetsart University,Thailand.

I love to work with international RIA team, but I still love to design system for web-application’s back-end. Now I am advancing in field on rich internet application with Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR framework. I would like to know you, too!

PS. Object-Oriented is the best, isn’t it?

you can contact me through : phattarin_s@hotmail.com

Love and Advanced in fields:

  • Object-Oriented programming, Design, and Analysis
  • Design pattern
  • Software process
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) with Adobe Flex and Rails
  • User Experience Design

Working on:

“Tool Boxes” – personal project 🙂

Prostep dance school – Thailand Next Gen dance school ( Open in 1 October )

Done in:


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